About QMI

QMI offers project management and inovative project control techniques for enterprise projects in Information Services and Technology. We have expertise in project management and decades of collective experience across the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and a wide range of platforms and technologies. We have a unique combination of business and technical expertise.

  • Quality Matrix approach to Quality Measurement – you can’t manage what you can’t measure – QMI will show you how to establish and maintain practical measures that represent a corporate assessment of software quality.
  • Glide Path approach to Builds & Releases – control the amount of change in each build using sensible metrics to balance quality and change.
  • Test Point List Methodology for Test Planning – make sure you’ve covered everything you can think of – then decide what’s most important to include.
  • Quality Review Board – unique approach – not only don’t you have to fix every bug you find, but there are some that should never be fixed.
  • Product Assurance – QMI knows how to make Testing, CM and QC work!
  • Program Management & IT Portfolio Management – PMI-aligned approach
  • Acceptance Process & Contract Monitoring – practical time-tested techniques
  • Configuration Management – Tools Selection and Process Re-engineering
  • System Test Strategy – Test the right things at the right time.