Pre-Class Instructions: Study Aids

Use these study aids to prepare for the exam. Please print the Questions with Just the Right Answers and FAQs, and bring these to the class – you will be reading these throughout the day. You might also want to bring the Acronyms, Definitions and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Questions with Just the Right Answers – this is taken directly from the Question Pool, but edited to have just the right answers, no wrong answers. The wrong answers are called “distractors” and when you’re studying, we find that they’re just too distracting. Besides, if you never see the wrong answers, you’re less likely to choose them in the exam. The exam has 35 questions, drawn from the pool. You need to answer 26/35 correctly to pass.  PDF Version (printable)

Acronyms – these use text from the question pool to define the acronyms.

Definitions – these use text from the question pool to define the terms.

FAQ_Tech Exam_2014-2018 Q Pool_ Rev Jan 2017 – this printable document explains some of the things that just aren’t obvious from reading the questions: Ohms Law, Power Formula, Frequency vs. Wavelength, Decibels and CW. If you understand how to get the answers for the questions in this section, then you don’t have to memorize the answers – we think it’s worth understanding!

On-line Flash Cards & Practice uses crowd-sourced explanations of each question that could be on the exam. Try the flash cards for each sub-element, and go through all of the questions in that sub-element at least once before going to the next. If you get to where you’ve seen 100% of the questions in a sub-element, and are getting 85% or better, you really know enough to go on to the next one. When you’ve seen all the sub-elements, try taking practice exams. Using the flash cards and practice exams will show you distractors, so you should read the Questions with Just the Right Answers first.

You create an account when you start, and that’s used to keep track of your progress. There are no fees, and you don’t need to provide any info other than choosing a user name and password. You can log in whenever you have a chance and continue looking at flash cards or taking practice exams. The website will show you what percentage of questions you’ve seen, and what percentage of the time you picked the right answers.

Warning about practice exams: you only see 35 questions at a time, so you could take a bunch of practice exams, get passing scores, and think you’re ready, even though you’ve only seen a handful of questions. We’ve had students say, “I never saw some of those questions!” after taking the actual exam. Most likely they never read all the way through the Questions and Just Right Answers, because all of the exams use exactly the questions in the Question Pool, just not with the answers and distractors in the same order.